Internship Opening: Bailey Blues / Redbird Records

Bailey Blues is a full service artist management company and strategy consultancy.

Redbird Records & Touring is an independent record label and management company founded in 2003 by members of the band Ludo. Check out more info here.

We’re looking for some stellar people to hang out with us in our shared Brooklyn office this fall.

You should:

  • Be a highly motivated student or recent graduate
  • Have a curiosity and passion for all things music
  • Want to come to Greenpoint (our office is tight)
  • Crave some hands-on experience in marketing, promotion, touring, radio, publishing, graphic & web design, merchandising and more
  • Have some nifty skills (Adobe CS and basic HTML gets you bonus points, as does being able to do a cartwheel)
  • Dig a sweet view

Did you make it this far? If so, you’ll know that you should submit:

  • A cover letter
  • Your resume
  • A list of 5 albums you’re currently listening to

In exchange, you’ll get:

  • College credit (where applicable)
  • Some cool new experiences
  • Some merch (probably)

Send your stuff to, and we’ll be back to you. The deadline for submission for the Fall 2013 semester is August 25.

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SXSW 2013: Carlos Lopez Jr’s Top 10 Things of SXSW


  1. Plane down with Ghostface Killah & Lyor Cohen #WUTANGAIR
  2. Eating BBQ with @sydfkr and coming up with a music biz sitcom show. 
  3. Sidedoor Entrances. 
  4. Screaming Skaters lyrics with @frenchkissing and @fpmusic 
  5. Most overheard phrase - Person 1: “Don’t get me wrong, he has a GREAT ear” / Person 2: “No yeah totally” 
  6. Best Margarita - Mushroom Publishing Party at W Hotel. 
  8. Best band wardrobe - SWIM DEEP 
  9. Sending this - “Cheatahs are fucking awesome and I want to play bass in their band”
  10. Watching Selena movie on the flight back and delibrately sleeping before it gets to the sad part. 

Worst of SXSW - Bass players who wear shorts. 

Gracias Dios Basado I made it through SXSW!

Carlos Lopez Jr, Frenchkiss Publishing (@frenchkisspub)

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SXSW 2013: First Timer vs. The Veteran



What made you decide to take the plunge and go to SXSW for the first time this year? 

Honestly, before last year I didn’t know SXSW existed. I know that sounds really strange but somehow I didn’t… I also haven’t seen Empire Records so there’s that. I was told by many people I respect to get down there and meet as many people as possible. So that’s what I’m doing.

SXSW can be fun but it’s also business, what have you been doing to get ready for it?

Setting up as many meetings as possible, with promoters/managers/publicists/labels etc. If you’re reading this, hit me up!, 805-907-0582 . I also have a massssssive sxsw grid of my own with all the events I’m interested in. Oh, I’m thinking about buying some nurse style New Balance, comfort first!

Which parties/showcases are you most looking forward to?

Obviously the Windish Showcases at Red 7 3/13 and (Windish + House of Vans) Mohawk 3/15. Aside from those, there are way too many, I’m just looking forward to seeing as many bands as possible. 

Any SXSW tips you’d ask our veteran?

Gold Bond or Johnsons?… I hear it’s hot!

What do you hope to gain most from the experience?

I’m hoping to put a face to as many emails as possible. Ready to get this first year under my belt, so I can join in on SXSW convos instead of pretending I know what people are talking about.


How many times have you been to SXSW? Tell us about your first time there.

This will be my 5th year going down to SXSW. The first time I went was in 2009 when I was still in college. My school sent me down to produce and run their annual showcase. Had a killer time and have been back every year since.

SXSW can be fun but it’s also business, what do you do to get ready for it?

I just hit up all the clients that we’re currently working with to see who on their team is going to be down there, and then reaching out to prospective clients / people that I’d love to work with. It’s a good atmosphere to connect with people. Low pressure. Good vibes.

You’ve been a number of times, so what keeps you going back?

Always good to meet up with people who I may have talked with through email / phone for months, but never met in person. And also there’s tons of rad new bands down there each year, so nice to be able to see some music too. The past couple years have been more about SXSWi for me, but always stay down for the entire week of music too.

What are you most excited for this year? What is the one thing people can’t miss this year?

The Terrace At The W always has an awesome line up and activation, and the Hype Hotel looks pretty sick this year.

Any tips for a first timer who is planning on heading out this year?

Keep a super loose schedule, and don’t overcommit. Don’t spend all your time running around to meet people / trying to be 1000 places at once. 

Texas is known for their BBQ, what’s your favorite spot in Austin?

I’m a vegetarian, but Salt Lick is where it’s at.

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"How many Doritos Locos Tacos do you think you’ll eat at SXSW? Be honest."

 How many Doritos Locos Tacos do you think you'll eat at SXSW? Be honest.

Brooks Roach, Atlantic Records (@bigredbrutis)

More importantly…nacho cheese or cool ranch Doritos tacos?

Chris Werner, Biz 3 Publicity (@lil_redbeard)

I’m avoiding at all costs. How much Salt Lick BBQ will I eat at the airport before my flight though?

Brandon Epstein, Bailey Blues (@BrandonEps)


Hunter Motto, The Crocodile (@huntermotto)

Do they come meatless? Is that an abomination?

Also, what CEO needs a strongly worded email for us to get a goddamn giant taco stage. Yeah the Dorito vending machine was cool and all, but we need to see Willie Nelson singing his heart out, surrounded by giant fake cheese and meat crumbles. Wouldn’t that be the perfect corporate collaboration and wouldn’t we all want the artists we love to play on this stage?

Alisa Preisler, The Agency Group (@alisaloog)

Zero.  Never gone to the shit show that is the hype hotel.  Plus, why eat taco bell when you are surrounded by so many bangin taco options?  Fralz.

This post is not sponsored by Taco Bell, but Hype Hotel is.

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Kate Hanley

Name: Kate Hanley
Company & Job Title: The Agency Group, Human Resources Manager
Age: 32
Location: New York, NY


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